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Q: What are the common causes for data loss?

Answer: Major factors are responsible to cause data loss from storage media including:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Software virus, Power spikes
  • Improper device handling
  • Formatted/Reformatted hard disk partitions
  • Logically crashed hard drive
  • Human error and other similar reasons.

Q: I have accidentally formatted hard disk partitions and lost my important data, how to recover it?

Answer: Data recovery software provides facility to restore lost music, pictures, songs, audio, video, image files etc even if hard disk partitions are formatted accidentally.

Q: I have deleted files or folders and cleaned the Recycle Bin accidentally. Is it possible to restore my all lost data?

Answer: Yes, you can easily recover your lost files and folders even after deleting data intentionally or accidentally emptied Recycle Bin.

Q: Is it possible to recover data sitting at home using data recovery software?

Answer: Yes, Recovery Bull offers large range of do-it-yourself software applications, which can be easily installed on Desktop PC, or Laptop and user can perform easy and safe data recovery process just sitting at home.

Q: Is it possible to recover data from formatted or logically corrupted media?

Answer: Yes. Recovery Bull software products facilitate user to recover lost data even from formatted or logically corrupted storage media.

Q: I have mistakenly deleted my photos stored in the Digital Camera. Can I recover it?

Answer: Yes, with the help of effective data recovery software you can easily get all your photos, digital pictures, images and snapshots back from digital camera in most efficient and affordable way.

Q: Is there any way to try software functionality before buy?

Answer: Recovery Bull site provides user an opportunity to download software demo to test and evaluate utility functionality in advance before deciding to purchase. Once having satisfactory results, user can place order for the full software version online.

Q: What is the difference between software full version and demo version?

Answer: Demo version of the Software gives user the fair idea of software full functionality and shows the recoverable files and folders in thumbnail preview. User can only view the data but can’t restore it. But with the help of software full version user can restore all lost files and folders at desired memory location.

Q: What is the difference between logical and physical data disaster?

Answer: Logical data recovery is performed when there is no physical damage or crashes with hard disk. Logical data disaster includes the example when data lost due to software virus, bad boot sectors, corrupted partition table, deleted files, or a formatted hard disk drive. Physical data disaster means when the components of hard disk such as circuit board failure, read/write head failure, platter damage etc get damaged.

Q: Which is choice? Data Recovery Software or Data Recovery Services

Answer: Data recovery software is a alternate to data recovery services. Data recovery services require well maintained data recovery labs, heavy equipments, costly services and maintenance charges. Whereas software just need to purchase online and allows user to perform easy data recovery just sitting at home in less time and at affordable price.