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Password Recovery Software

Description : While working with multiple email accounts most people don’t recognize the passwords which is the major cause responsible for the breach of private information (mails and other documents). Pro Data Doctor has come up with highly efficient Password Recovery Software to recover lost or forgotten passwords of your email accounts. The Password unmask software restore machine saved passwords including administrator passwords, dial-up passwords, shared passwords etc.

Multilingual password recovery software efficiently retrieves passwords of any length and complexity. The passwords of files are in encrypted form to provide privacy to system password that performs verification when user attempt to login. The application allows collecting passwords from any programs that have editors with asterisks picking to reveal the password behind them.

Password Recovery Software easily unmasks and retrieve password configured on all MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook Express, MS Office Access and FTP passwords etc.

Various types of Password Recovery Software :

Password Recovery Tool

Password recovery program recovers all lost or forgotten mail account password for Email or Chat messenger including Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail or other Email accounts.

Outlook Express Password Recovery Software

Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery Software easily restores password saved on Microsoft Outlook Express. Outlook and Outlook express password recovery program shows passwords, login name and server information instantly for all e-mail and newsgroup account.