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NTFS Data Recovery

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NTFS Data Recovery

➨ Product Information : NTFS Data Recovery Software is read-only and non-destructive utility to salvage lost, deleted files and folders from hard disk drive partitions created or updated on windows operating system with support to IDE, SATA, EIDE and SCSI hard disk standards.

➨ NTFS Data Recovery Screenshots :

NTFS Data Recovery

Select the drive from the left panel from which you want to recover data from the list of available Physical or Logical Drives.

➨ Key Features of NTFS Data Recovery Software:
  • › Recovers files from deleted and formatted partitions: NTFS data recovery software is capable to recover lost files deleted due to accidental failure and software corruption or from formatted HDD drives.
  • › Supported File system: NTFS Data Recovery Software supports recovery from hard disk drives partitioned on NTFS and NTFS5 file system.
  • › Supports hard disk: NTFS recovery program supports data recovery from entire type of hard disk including Maxtor, Sony, Western Digital, HP, Hitachi and many more.
  • › In-depth disk scanning of files: NTFS data recovery software deeply scans drive to easily locate and recover deleted files and folders.
  • › User interface: The recovery software provides Graphical user interface (GUI) for easy and quick data recovery. No specific technical skills are required to operate the software.