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KeyLogger Software

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KeyLogger Software

➨ Product Information : Keylogger software is specifically developed to monitor computer typing activities and find out what other users are doing on your PC or Laptops in your absence. Download key logger software that captures Windows screen shot and record all keyboard keystrokes entries like typed emails messages, chat conversations, visited websites, passwords and other document lists.

➨ KeyLogger Software Screenshots :

KeyLogger Software

Run Keylogger Software to start monitoring all keystrokes on your computer system.

➨ Key Features of KeyLogger Software:

Records Keystrokes typed: Key loggers program tracks every single key pressed by any user that includes Text chat, Composed mails, Web URLs, User logins, Passwords, Word files and other similar keyboard typing activities.

Email Log report: Key loggers tool takes Windows screenshot at regular interval of time and saves overall keyboard entries in log file. Utility even provides option to mail log details at defined email account.

Hidden monitoring : Utility even works in background and remains invisible from System Startup, Add-Remove List and Program folders and also not appears on Desktop.

Monitoring tool: Helps business organization to monitor the unofficial PC usage of employees during Office hours. Moreover, helps parents to check the internet usage of children, kids and spouses when away from Home.

User interface: Keystroke recording software is simple and easy to use due to its interactive GUI interface. Any non-technical user can easily understand key logger software without requiring any external help.